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We learn from specialists around us just as much as we learn from you, our community. Today we are sharing one of the most inspiring TED talks on optimising for a better work-life experience. Annastiina Hintsa is interested in companies and individuals will thrive in the 4th industrial revolution, the role of women and millennials in shaping the future of work, and the case for wellbeing in companies.
She showed up in Bucharest 2019 to teach us how a better life leads to better performance. Living purposefully is living healthier. What could you optimise in your life? Start today, even with the smallest of things/actions.
During her career, Annastiina has closely observed – and also personally experienced – the challenges relating to sustainable performance in an uncertain, high pressure, fast paced global context. After working in top management consulting and experiencing burnout, she was faced with profound questions of balance and meaning.
She found answers in a transformation that involved running 250km ultra-races in deserts, and later joined Hintsa Performance as an entrepreneur, helping people and companies unlock cultures of meaning and sustainable high performance.
Watch her talk today.

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