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The location free culture of productive working and connected living

New ways of work and life are emerging. But it’s about more than working and living. We are experiencing a fundamental behavioral shift. Limits between work and life are dropping significantly. We are integrating the things we do, the experiences we have, the daily routines in a more sustainable and adaptable way, as a direct result of the digital revolution.

We are suggesting a new paradigm, fit to the way the world is redefining in the post-pandemic era. As many are trying to return to the 3:2 or 2:3 proposal, we are inviting you to ask these fundamental questions: how can we redefine our work so that is smarter and more creative and productive; what is the perceived quality and purpose of what we work every day, can we be more lucrative while increasing the life wellbeing indicator?

Introducing Work Retreat – the innovative solution at the intersection of new ways of working and living. For teams that feel the need to reconnect and design smarter, more creative work, while exploring spectacular, nature-infused hotspots of their choice. Work Retreat is an incredibly diverse network of districts that inspire and provoke change. Fully equipped for productive working and team wellbeing. They include premium solutions for accommodation, high-level performing coworking hubs while being close to nature, leisure options, and exciting regional communities

our contribution to your remote experience

It’s not about changing the space, the desk, or the people you meet everyday. It’s about being location independent, taking responsibility for working smarter and more productively, becoming more flexible with the routines that make up most of your day, and why not, trying something new, and expanding life and the limits of your creativity.

The four Cs of future engagement – collaboration, creativity, contribution, and culture are at the core of our mission to transform your experience into a meaningful, game-changing way. You might say that we are taking some of the responsibilities of a CWO in your company or organization.

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Frequent questions

What is Work Retreat?

Work Retreat is the working and living district solution that supports professionals and remote teams, with their own hubs designed for productivity and creativity in the city center, premium accommodation solutions, and leisure opportunities in cities near spectacular natural areas or even connecting to local communities.

Unde sunt districtele Work Retreat?

Work Retreat is a flexible and adaptable solution. Each Work Retreat experience is customized according to your time span, the team and its members’ needs for connection and relaxation. We are a network of districts with active centers in Piatra Neamț and Brașov, while in rapid expansion. During this year, the product team will launch new districts in Sighișoara, Constanța and other important urban tourist spots in Romania.

How safe are the hubs during these times?

Each working space in our districts is run in accordance with the legislation and restrictions imposed by authorities.

Where are the Work Retreat districts?

Our team carefully curates them, as they are selected in hotels and similar spaces with premium amenities. .

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