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Frequent questions

What is Work Retreat?

Work Retreat is the working and living district solution that supports professionals and remote teams, with their own hubs designed for productivity and creativity in the city center, premium accommodation solutions, and leisure opportunities in cities near spectacular natural areas or even connecting to local communities.

Unde sunt districtele Work Retreat?

Work Retreat is a flexible and adaptable solution. Each Work Retreat experience is customized according to your time span, the team and its members’ needs for connection and relaxation. We are a network of districts with active centers in Piatra Neamț and Brașov, while in rapid expansion. During this year, the product team will launch new districts in Sighișoara, Constanța and other important urban tourist spots in Romania.

How safe are the hubs during these times?

Each working space in our districts is run in accordance with the legislation and restrictions imposed by authorities.

Where are the Work Retreat districts?

Our team carefully curates them, as they are selected in hotels and similar spaces with premium amenities. .

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