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We are inspired by many of the latest technologies improving our work-life balance. 

Today, billions of people are invested in optimizing their lifestyle, but the tools available to isolate, track, and design high-impact lifestyles are extremely limited. Consumers get fed Big Wellness headlines and try out the suggestions with little more data to assess them than ‘how they feel’ as a result, how they look in a mirror, or–at most–how their heart rate or blood sugar responds.

Introducing COR, the Lifestyle Science, going us further from wearables which might not be the best future for individual-centered health. COR is for passionate optimisers and early technology visionaries who are helping to grow a completely new way of mapping lifestyle with deep information. Test → track → discover is the method of COR. A paradigm shift in health and wellness enhanced by data and technology. More on COR on their website:

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