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As a team building future of work solutions, we do believe keeping ourselves informed about the local customer is paramount to the journey of charting new territories.

Today, we are turning on the light on the latest data on the topic of employees changing their working behaviour and choices. This time, relevant to the local (Romanian) market, with a fresh batch of info collected and analysed by Career Shift and quoted by România Pozitivă.

According to their findings, Romanian employees are shifting the way they incorporate work in their lives, especially after the pandemic.
A couple of the survey’s conclusions indicate:
👉 They are not willing to let go of their free time or the possibility of working remote, event for a higher income job/position.
👉 77% of them want to change their job during the next 12 months, while 72,7% of them want remote working styles.
👉 Human values and priorities have switched towards a more balanced proportion between life, job and flexibility of working remote.
👉 Romania is aligned with the international trend called „The Great Reshuffle”
The online survey was conducted by Career Shift on almost 200 participants.

Source of the info: Romania Pozitiva

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