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Ready for more hybrid or remote work and you are curious to know what are the most flexible companies of 2023?

Well, there you go, today we’re sharing a pioneering report outlining the 100 most flexible employers to work for around the world. Some of the findings:

🆕 Startups and scale-ups are the most flexible companies to work for. Companies with 300 employees take the top ten spots, and account for 82% of the overall list. Startup companies make up 54% of the overall list.

🆕 Larger companies are getting better at offering flexibility, ranking higher in the report this year compared to last year.

🆕 SaaS is the most flexible sector to work in: 26% of companies that made the top 100 operate in this sector.

🆕 HR & Recruitment is the second most flexible sector: the second most flexible company listed operates in the HR sector, and HR and recruitment companies represent 14% of the list overall.

The report analysed company benefits, working hours and the working locations on offer at 180 companies in 70 countries. Hundreds of thousands of data points were analysed to give companies a fair and accurate rank and score, including whether companies support fully-remote, hybrid, and/or office-based work. If companies scored over 50% (above average), a sample of employees relative to the size of each company – over 3,000 workers in total – were surveyed to assess employee satisfaction.

The full list of flexible companies 👉

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