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It’s definitely #Chatgpt which took the limelight in recent months in terms of #futureofwork and today we’re looking more closely at its impact on HR.

From fears of it replacing workers to raves about its productivity benefits, the generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool is until now, the biggest technological advancement since the invention of the personal computer several decades ago.

According to a recent Resume Builder study, „9 in 10 business leaders say it’s beneficial for job applicants to have ChatGPT experience.”

For example, here are some of the common HR tasks that now can be accomplished easier with #chatgpt:

Here are examples of HR tasks ChatGPT can potentially perform:

👉 Crafting job descriptions.

👉 Composing employee handbook materials and policy manuals and updating them.

👉 Drafting e-mails to job candidates, including offer letters.

👉 Checking HR laws and regulations.

👉 Summarizing research and reports.

👉 Generating employee surveys and sentiment analyses.

👉 Streamlining administrative tasks, such as reminders about events and holidays.

👉 Developing personalized career development plans.

👉 Preparing performance reviews.

👉 Scanning and screening resumes.

👉 Compiling interview questions.

👉 Conducting market research on compensation.

👉 Providing employee self-service.

Quite a full set of options, isn’t it?

More of #chatgpt and its #HR function on future articles.

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