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Today quoting Mark Cruth from #Atlassian, who shared his tips for the best team meetings in remote and hybrid settings.

🆕 Knowledge workers spend >50% of their time in meetings (it increased nearly 70% during the pandemic). For every minute we spend in a meeting, there’s another minute lost for other work. Meetings are broken today. We default to “let’s set up a meeting for this” instead of “should we have a meeting for this?”

What makes a good meeting?

🌀 Start your meetings five minutes LATE

Google Calendar has a feature called Speedy Meetings which allows you to make a 1-hour meeting 50 minutes by default, ending the meeting early so participants can have a quick break.

Consider starting your meeting five minutes later than usual (e.g. 2:05PM instead of 2:00PM). Your attendees will come in delighted as they realise they have a quick five-minute reprieve from the meetings.

🌀 Fill out the description of the meeting invite

Consider answering three questions in the description box for every meeting you set up:

Why are we having this meeting?

What is the goal/outcome needed from the meeting?

Who should attend this meeting?

🌀 Create (and send out) a meeting agenda with timeboxes

Spend time before the meeting constructing an agenda with timeboxes to help keep the meeting on track. Even better, send out the agenda 24 hours prior to the meeting and ask for feedback.

Source: Atlassian Work Life Blog How to run effective meetings in the era of hybrid work

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