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Many companies, even before Covid-19, offered some activities for employee well-being, such as flexible time to improve productivity, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends.

Today this figure takes on other dimensions because it turns out that this pandemic has left us with an important lesson: understanding that the boundary between work and our personal life is blurred.

The idea of working on actions favouring well-being – as a person and in the work environment – is not optional. Not in the current context of rising demands for work and economic recovery, and in which working hours do not include digital disconnection and the loss of autonomy due to lockdown, while increasing anxiety in people.

What is HR 5.0 about?

🔲 As an area that helps create a non-perfectionist work environment and where it’s okay to get it wrong. HR now asks employees: how do I help you to become fulfilled?

🔲 Train managers to encourage employees to rediscover their purpose at the workplace. With this clear objective in mind, the level of retention increases and thus helps employees to renew their sense of belonging to the job.

🔲 There is this thing called „hero” companies, that promotes well-being through resilience, recognition, positive communication. The happiest people are more secure and more socially attractive and cooperative in a team, according to a research on Healthy and Resilient Organizations.

There are several approaches, with practices applied to companies, that help with implementing a model focused on well-being. Here are some suggestions:

🔵 Use tools like positive psychology, an approach through which happiness is scientifically studied and oriented to building qualities such as optimism, work ethic, ability to enjoy and social responsibility in people.

🔵 Proactive resilience needs to be fostered, building the ability and tools for the person to keep on working well in adverse situations, and not just knowing how to react to an event.

🔵 Focus on need, and ask what does your team require? The human being needs a salary, but also especially nowadays to receive comments like, “You’re doing very well.” Such feedback generates well-being and an eagerness to work.

🔵 Understand what motivates and drives the employee in the long-term, and spot activities where the collaborator gets ‘a bit more ‘ of what makes him feel satisfied.

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