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Starting this working day strong with trends emerging on the future of work. Introducing „Hub-And-Spoke”, maybe the new office model of the future according to Forbes quoted experts. Gone are the days of one downtown headquarters. Modern companies are moving towards a hub-and-spoke model with one central office hub and smaller spokes—or satellite offices for employees.

Any company that has a flexible work policy to work-from-home on a regular basis has a hub-and-spoke model. By definition, the hub is “the effective center of an activity, region or network.” People will no longer go to the office to work but instead are learning how to leverage it as a hub for engagement and activity.

It provides greater flexibility because employees can go to an office close to them if they want to work in-person. It also gives employers access to a wider talent pool, allowing them to tap into new markets for candidates that they may not have done before remote work and the shift to hub-and-spoke became more mainstream. It’s important to note that without technology in place, hybrid work and a hub-and-spoke model cannot work to the fullest potential.

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