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We were introducing the new “Hub and Spoke” model in our last post, and we are now taking it more in depth, as we are looking at why companies are currently shifting towards this model now. 

As employees are demanding flexibility, companies really need to offer a solution that works well for both the company and its people. Creating an office hub has enormous value regardless of where staff lives. Because a hub can be a resource to how you engage, interact, and produce.

The office layout of the future will be all about behavior-based design. When companies can take their office with them anywhere they go in their pockets and bags, spaces must be designed to account for this mobility.

From a high level, the future of work is about making it more tailored. With the shift in hybrid work and hub-and-spoke office design, organisations are empowering employees to have ownership over how and where they work best—whether it’s in a specific zone in the office or remotely. Every company will set this up in its own way, but flexibility and a new design will be the common thread we see for modern offices. The key to the future of the office will be how to turn the office into a business resource that unlocks new ways to engage and interact.

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