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Closing this week on an idea-driven note, with the latest „State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report”, a collective voice of the global employee.

In this edition, the pandemic and its aftershock continued to disrupt the workplace. The pulse of the global workplace is low, but it’s still beating. Here are the key findings.

🟠 Global engagement and wellbeing trends are stable, but low. „Living for the weekend,” „watching the clock tick,” „work is just a paycheck.” These are the mantras of most global workers. With only 21% of employees engaged at work and 33% of employees thriving in their overall wellbeing, most would say that they don’t find their work meaningful, don’t think their lives are going well or don’t feel hopeful about their future.

🟠 Employee stress is at a new all-time high. Whether employees are stressed because of work, or their stress is carrying over into work, one thing is clear: the world’s employees are feeling even more stressed than they did in 2020 (the previous all-time high). 44% experienced a lot of daily stress in the previous day.

🟠 South Asian and European workers’ hope declined. Both Europe and South Asia (which includes India) dropped 5 percentage points in wellbeing in 2021, with South Asia having the lowest wellbeing in the world at 11%.

🟠 45% of workers globally said now is a good time to find a job in their country (up slightly from last year, but less than the record 55% in 2019).

🟠 Despite challenges, this is the best region to be a worker. Even though employees in the U.S. and Canada region are some of the most worried and stressed in the world, they’re also the most engaged. The U.S. and Canada region is also No. 2 for wellbeing, and for the largest increase in wellbeing in 2021.

🟠 The global economy loses trillions to low engagement. Unfortunately, most employees remain disengaged at work. In fact, low engagement alone costs the global economy $7.8 trillion.

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