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⛱ As temperatures soar, we are also back with a hop topic ready to close the working week and start the weekend: „bleisure”, the blend of business and travel, a term coined back in 2009.

✈️ Business travel used to consist of two or three-day corporate getaways, but this new trend that blends business and personal travel may change that, for better or worse.

📲 Technology and an unexpected global experiment in working from home during the pandemic have revolutionised the world of work. From the freelance writer to the contracted coder, technology has made bleisure, a state of traveling before, during, or after business trips, a reality. Workplaces that permit bleisure travel allow employees to extend their business trips and spend time vacationing and sightseeing at their destination. Some workers can even bring their families and friends along.

🌄 According to Fortune magazine, for advocates, bleisure can help revitalise the struggling business travel industry from the pandemic’s impact. In 2020, spending on business travel was nearly $700 billion, but the pandemic dealt the industry a crippling blow as companies now expect as much as a 25% decline in number of business trips through to 2025, compared to before the pandemic. For some airlines, the rise of remote working, online conferences, and pandemic-era restrictions wiped out nearly 75% of their income. Business travel is rebounding more slowly than leisure travel, and industry experts don’t expect a full recovery before 2024.

✈️ Bleisure trips were already rising before the pandemic, and now they are expected to continue after the pandemic due to changed work habits, a desire for longer and more immersive vacations, and concerns about the environmental impact of business travel.

Where do we fit in? Well, how about a „bleisure” experience in one of our Districts. We call this work retreat, but in the end, it’s about reinventing your office experience, reconnect with your colleagues and nature and opt for a more wellness-infused work experience.

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