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Following the acceleration of trends spurred by the coronavirus crisis, most business leaders have realised they must lasso and partner with specialists all over the planet to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Change management is essential for the success — or failure — of the merging of companies. If not handled with sensitivity, a clash of ways of working and cultures can be toxic. For this reason, the word “tropicalization” is increasingly being used in business circles. This is the merging of company cultures — most of which now have hybrid working policies — across the globe. It is becoming a recognised business concept — and a vital one in the current M&A growth scenario, with organisations seeking to understand different work cultures and adapting strategies to new markets.

An organisation’s agility begins with its culture, and culture is what sets you apart from the competition, which is critical to attract and retain top talent. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, a solid, resilient culture can be the difference between sustained business growth or stagnation, leading to potential failure.

Viewing your organisation as global means that you are identifying and connecting with its purpose, and that doesn’t alter whether you are in the U.K. or U.S.

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