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By being a location independent solution for teams and professionals, it is in our DNA to envision work solutions that encourage flexibility of movement and schedule.

✈ So here we are today with one of the latest studies on best countries for remote work, with 8 of the 10 spots being located on European soil. The network security company NordLayer looked into the factors that impact the quality of remote work in its study called the Global Remote Work Index. To calculate the results, the company looked at 66 nations specifically considering cybersecurity; economic and social conditions; digital and physical infrastructure; and COVID-19 responses. The study also notes the nation’s strength in tourism attractiveness.

👉 Germany is ranked on the 1st place, boosted by its cybersecurity (where it ranked No. 3) and economic and social conditions (where it came in No. 5 overall). Next is Denmark, boosted by its digital and physical infrastructure, and then the U.S. in third, helped by its strong performance in COVID-19 response and economic and social conditions categories. European nations filled eight of the top 10 spots, as the U.S. was followed by Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Singapore, and France.

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