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The age of emotive employers is here with engagement waves going beyond company retreats and wellness app subscriptions. Such subscriptions became a go-to move by HR departments over the last two years. But businesses at the vanguard of embedding meaningful wellness programs into their cultures, are making app subscriptions look like a shallow, box-ticking method in comparison.

The Future Laboratory, a strategic foresight consultancy, is calling organizations that go this extra mile “emotive employers.” The term refers to when an employer provides a range of progressive amenities that empower employees to bring their whole selves to work.

For instance, Salesforce has gone all in on creating workspaces designed entirely around bolstering employee mental health. The company has opened an employee well-being retreat — Trailblazer Ranch in Santa Cruz, California. This doubles as a space for not just company get-togethers but a place where employees can connect with nature with walks, yoga, art, journaling and more. Check it here:

Emotive employers look into the future and think how they can implement larger wellness schemes, or nurturing schemes that are going to nurture talent and are going to evolve existing talent and attract new talent as well. It’s not about immediate gratification, but knowing it’s a long-term goal to get more out of the workforce and make sure they’re happy and healthy and love working for the company.

Are you an emotive employer? If not, how are you planning to become one?


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